Your Partner in Real Estate
5507 Winchester Road, #12, Memphis, TN 38115
Mobile: 470-779-3759 | Office :901-590-1527
Mon-Fri 08:00 - 5:30

Can I sell my own home?
Yes, you can. However, there are numerous benefits to have a Realtor like myself on your team. Not only am I experienced, but I am up to date on changing rules/regulations, negotiations, marketing and more.

Do you work on weekends?
Typically no. However, there are times when my clients need me and I will sacrifice to help them. Otherwise, I’m engaging in other activities and spending time with my family on the weekends.

What states are you licensed in?
I am currently licensed in Tennesee and Georgia. However, we have team members who are also licensed in Mississippi, if you need to purchase there.

Do you work with investors?
Yes, I do. I am well versed at the needs and requirements of investors.

How long have you been involved in real estate?
For over 20 years before I got earned my license. I started as an office manager/appraisal assistant with an appraisal firm. From there I worked at a mortgage processor, and acted as a personal assistant for real estate investors. I have held my license for 3 years.

Will you discount your commission
In most cases, I will not discount my commission. As a Realtor, I value myself and the services that I provide to you. I often go above and beyond my duties as a Realtor to help my clients get their homes sold fast and for top dollar.